Wednesday, 16 January 2019

January Decluttering | Clothing

Happy New Year, it has been a while I know been super busy and indecisive over what I wanted to do blogging wise. If you follow me on instagram you will see my posts have changed rather a lot recently I have come away from the crisp white background beauty post and dedicated it more to a normal instagram. Mainly because I want to be able to look back on it for memories rather than when I bought a new palette. Blogging has been on my mind so much recently as I have lacked so much inspiration, Blogmas never happened due to being too busy and not having the time to sit down and write without falling to sleep! Any way I am back, not going to hold myself to a schedule for now I will just see how I get on...

So, after watching nearly all the rom coms on Netflix, every prison documentary and Gossip Girl 3 times over, I was scrolling through the other night and came across "Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. I would like to say I am quite a tidy (ish) person, however I do have a lot of things in my very little room so it feels very messy. I have heard very good things about Marie Kondo's books so I thought I would give her show ago... I am totally blown away and inspired so the day after I did exactly what she teaches - decluttered.

  1. Take it all out - this is the part I absolutely hated taking EVERYTHING out of my wardrobe and placing it on my bed in the biggest pile of clothing you've seen. Luckily I have no photos of this part luckily! 
  2. Sort through- Now its time to go through everything, I was very brutal with this as I hoard my clothes. I haven't grown since I was about 15 so I always hold on to everything! If I hadn't worn it in the last 3 months then it went! The hardest thing to do was finding something and thinking "what if I go to..." and realising that I will actually never wear this ever again and to put it in the bag.
  3. Thank your clothes- This sounds crazy and you feel a little silly. Marie doesn't like the idea of shoving it in a bag, likes you to thank your clothes as you are placing them in the bag or box for not keeping. 
  4. Hang/Refold - I work in retail so this is something I can do in my sleep. However Marie has her own was of folding and it is AMAZING saves so much space. So of course I refolded all the clothes I was keeping and sorted them into the correct draws. 
  5. Charity or Bin- If you are anything like me then you probably have clothes with holes or that are faded so sadly these couldn't be donated to charity/family. However I collated 3 bin bags full of clothes that I no longer needed that are going round my family and then to the charity shop. 
I will insert some diagrams I have found, of how Marie advises you to fold your clothes. I totally recommend as it saves so much space and it is so tidy. Also will include my own results below! 
She has many other folds too for socks, vests and pants just simply google for help. Here are my finished draws after using the fold.. 

 There we have it my first blog post of 2019, hopefully I can keep it up! If you want more decluttering posts then let me know I am thinking of doing a make up declutter soon! Thank you for reading.


Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Keep Your Skin In Top Shape This Winter...

I always find that my skin changed so much this time of year, and takes a lot more loving to keep it in top shape. No matter what skin type you have the colder climate is going to have a harsh effect on your skin so you need to make sure you are keeping it moisturised. I have a ton of favourite products that I love to use during the colder months that I am going to share with you! I suffer from oily skin majority of the year, but do have a lot of dry patches when it becomes colder. 

1. Moisturisers 
I will admit that on a normal day I tend not to moisturise, I know shoot me....  However if I don't this time of year I get so many dry patches on my cheeks and nose. I have found a couple of favourite high end and also drugstore moisturisers in the past few years, here are a couple of my favourites...
  • Moisture Surge (Clinique) 
  • Complete Lightweight 3in1 Moisturiser (Olay)
  • Dramatically Different (Clinique) 
  • Active Moist (Dermalogica) 
I tend to moisturise twice a day before I apply my make up and once I have wiped it off at night. If I am going to the gym I will apply it after I have worked out too save my skin drying out! 

2. Make Up Removers
Something I have to do near enough everyday is remove my make up, I find this can have a major impact on my skin too! I prefer using a more oil based make up remover, with warm water and a wash cloth.  I recommend these two highly-
  • Pre Cleanse (Dermalogica) 
  • Make Up Removing Cleansing Oil (Caudile)
If you know of any other good ones then please let me know, these are both pretty pricey, but work amazingly. I tend not to use micellar waters this time of year as I find it drys my skin out quite a bit.. 

3. Masks
I am a massive lover of a good face mask, suffering from break outs believe me they are my besties! I use a lot of clay masks majority of the year to dry out my spots. However in the colder months I sway more towards sheet masks! I find them so moisturising and they do sell a lot for acne prone skin so its a win win! These are my favourites... 
  • Hydrochloric Acid Sheet Mask (Primark) 
  • Sephora Coconut Sheet Mask
  • Vitamin E Sleep Mask (The Body Shop) 
I still use my Loreal Detox mask once a week too, however I try and use a more nourishing mask too, so I am not drying my skin out too much.

There we have it my top tips to keeping your skin in order over the next few cold months.. I hope you've enjoyed reading this post and thank you!



Friday, 9 November 2018

i ended it..

Hey, it's been a month (almost) I can explain... It's been a tough year for me my head has not been in the right place for a number of reasons. I have finally come to the conclusion that I was so trapped in my relationship I had no life, no friends no nothing other than constant arguments, guilt and fear! It is still such a rubbish time for me although I know this is the right decision for me, there is still the memories, pictures and thoughts that are haunting me everyday. I didn't want to write this post for sympathy as I was passed that phase after the first day. I wanted to write it to help other people in my situation, as it is sh*t.

My friends and family told me for months that he wasn't good for me, I can do better and that I shouldn't feel like this constantly. However I was so "in love" I didn't even realise how truthful they were all being. It is so hard to admit to someone you love that their not right for you, admitting they're making you feel awful especially when you wear your heart on your sleeve, and would never want to make anyone sad...

I found this while looking for some inspiration for this post, I understand saying a relationship/person is toxic is a big thing and realising yourself is even more of a bigger deal! However all I have done recently is defend this person treating me like trash when really I was in a toxic relationship..

Here are some signs to look out for when assessing whether you are in a toxic or harmful relationship:

  • You don’t feel good enough. You feel like nothing you do is quite right and are constantly trying to prove your worth. You constantly seek the other person’s validation.
  • You can’t be yourself. You feel you have to walk on eggshells and monitor everything you say and do. You feel you need to think twice before you speak as certain topics are off limits, and you feel you have to act or behave a certain way. You’re afraid to bring things up because you’re not sure how the other person will react.
  • The other person puts you down.
  • You feel like the problem. The other person doesn’t take responsibility for their actions and instead blames you. They attribute any problems or difficulties in the relationship as all your fault.
  • You start to withdraw from participating in activities or seeing people in your life.
(REF Mental Heath

Ending something is never easy. I found with my relationship it ended a while ago and while all couples argue, fall out and ignore each other, I had enough. Enough of not making plans on a Saturday night because he would assume I was cheating on him, not coming home and staying in his constantly because that would mean I didn't love him, thinking twice before I said or did anything as it would spark a row. 

Girls & Boys... 

It has been a whole month now, and I can confirm the line "you get better with time" is very much true! I have seen my friends so much these last few weeks and also met some new friends! I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulder! Its such a hard time and all I can advise is to go with your gut! You shouldn't be with someone that doesn't make you happy. I have the biggest fear of being alone, however being alone right now feels a damn lot better than feeling sh*tty every week and tip toeing around my own life to please someone else! 

Thank you so much if you have taken the time to read this post! I understand it isn't my usual make up/skincare post however I hope this helps someone, If you need anyone to talk to then by all means message me on instagram (its on the right side bar). If you have been through a similar situation feel free to leave your advice in the comments! 



Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Looking After Yourself With Anatomicals

Hello everyone, I have been quite distant on social media this week so I apologise for that a lot has been going on in my life. I will write a blog post about everything when I am feeling a little better about the situation and less angry, so I don't end up writing the biggest rant of a blog post. I was kindly gifted the above items by the brand anatomicals, I have known this brand for YEARS so having them reach out to me felt amazing! I have picked the following products and have been testing them over the last week or two :-

  • We'll cool you again later - Facial Spritz 
  • Puffy the eye bag slayer 
  • Headache relief balm 
 I will break down each product and let you know what I thought about them all, along with the prices. That is one thing I love about this brand they are so affordable and really easy to get your hands on! They sell their products in Boots, Topshop and ASOS as well as on their own website.

Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer

I ordered this item purely because I suffer from really tired and sore eyes, which is a nightmare when you look and feel like you have been punched before going to sleep. I have been placing this in the fridge during the day and laying with it on my eyes for about 15 minutes in the evening to calm my eyes down and soothe them! It has been working a treat. Works great if you've had a good cry too lol. This product retails at £4 on ASOS, this will be great during the summer for all you hay-fever sufferers if your eyes are itchy and sore during high pollen counts!

OI! You Throbhead Headache Relief Balm 

I am one of those people that is supposed to wear glasses, that constantly forgets and has constant headaches as a consequence. I don't like taking tablets nor find that they even help half of the time, so this was one of those products I was dying to try when I seen it. I can confirm that this is my go to when I feel a head ache coming along, I am not sure if this will help if you have MAJOR migraines so please don't bash me if it doesn't work. However for my headaches it helps them instantly I apply about 5/6 stokes of the balm on my forehead or temples and I can feel it instantly calming the headache, so I 100% recommend trying this out. Another important factor is that it doesn't break me out, I find other brands that have brought out balms have broke me out or made my skin really dry! This product retails for £4 on the ASOS website!

We'll Cool You Again Later- Facial Spritz   

I feel like I could of used this in the summer, when I was absolutely sweating in work, so if you live somewhere that is hot then I feel like this would be so refreshing! The product has a very strong peppermint scent so if you are not a fan of smelling minty fresh then this might not be for you. However I have been using this when my skin has been looking tired in the mornings and it has been looking much better! It would also be great if you were doing a long flight and wanted to feel a little more awake when reaching your destination, as i'm sure you will agree you don't feel awake or fresh after a long flight. This item is the most expensive out of the three and retails at £6.

I really hope that you enjoyed this post I have wrote, I have loved trying out their products and I never thought I would fall in love with a headache balm by them (that is 100% my favourite product from this post)! Let me know if you have tried any products by anatomicals and which you love! Thank you for taking the time to read this post!

Mel x

Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Top 10 Products Under £10

Hey again, pretty proud of how on top of blogging I have become recently. In todays post its going to be one aimed at those of you that don't like breaking the bank, when wanting to try out a new product. I am a huge bargain hunter/sale shopper so I always get so excited when I find a product that is affordable that I fall in love with!  Any way I will jump right into the post....

  1. Make Revolution Banana Powder- Now if you have super amazing skin then maybe skip this one as it might not work right for you. However those of you with those dreaded dark under eyes then 100% pick this one up next time you're passing a super drug. Apply your foundation/concealer as normal then dab a powder puff into the powder and tap under the eyes, I tend to let it "bake" for about 5 minutes then lightly brush it away with a powder brush. If you're looking for a non colour correcting powder they also do a "pearl" powder which is just as good! 
  2. Savlon- This is literally good for anything and you can usually find it in poundland, home bargains and B&M for £1! I like to always carry a tube of this in my handbag its great for cuts, sunburn and also spots. Sometimes packing my whole draw of skincare is impractical, so I always make sure I have this with me incase I have a major break out or a get burnt.
  3. The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash- If you do follow my blog then you have 100% heard me mention this product 100 times at least. I suffer from horrible hormonal break outs and they are very painful and red, whenever I can feel one arising I will start to add this wash into my daily skincare routine and I notice a hell of a difference in the healing of my breakouts! Its only around £6 from the body shop (obvs). 
  4. LA Girl Concealer- I am not a big fan of concealer as I feel like I go through it as though its running out of fashion, and the foundation I use is heavy enough as it is.  However if I am doing a full glam look then I will always reach for the LA girl concealers, they also do colour correction ones too I love the yellow one for my under eyes and one of their lightest shades for highlighting my under eyes! These concealers are only about £5 on Beauty Bay. 
  5. Primark Lip Liners- I am not really a believer in lip liners, I throw on a lipstick and run usually. However since discovering the 80p lip liners in Primark I am now a soul believer in them. I do not only use them to line my lips I find that they are also lovely for using all over the lip! 
  6. ST Moritz- Anyone that knows me will know that I am slightly obsessed with fake tan, and being tanned. Since I was about 12 I have used the St Moritz tanning mouse in the shades both medium and dark. They are brilliant the colour lasts around a week if you only do one application and it is also super cheap (about £3). 
  7. Loreal Detox Mask- I love a good face mask, however when you suffer from break outs you don't know what is going to work for them or work against. The detox mask by loreal is literally a god send for me, I can literally apply this at night and by the morning my spots are reduced in size and a lot less red. The mask is only around £5 from boots and is always on offer, advise using this mask with a flat foundation brush for even coverage. 
  8. Plain Acrylic Nails & Glue- If you love getting your nails done but cannot justify the £30 every 3 weeks then join the club! I have started to do my own nails, by buying the plain acrylics off ebay, cutting them to size and painting away. They are so cheap to buy, especially if you get them off a Chinese seller! 
  9. Real Technique Beauty Sponge- I think everyone will admit if you have tried a beauty blender there is no turning back, however £20 a time for a nice sponge is way too steep. I have recently fallen in love with the RT beauty sponge I think they are about £5, they seem to last a little longer than an original beauty blender too! 
  10. Batiste Dry Shampoo- If you haven't tried this then I am sure you live under a rock as this is a god send. I have very oily hair and washing it every day is just a pain, I use this on my hair in the morning and have a travel size one in my bag for emergencies. It is also very good if you style your hair as it helps add some extra volume! 

Well there we have it my top 10 products under £10, let me know in the comments below what products under £10 that you love! Thank you so much for reading this post, I will see you next Wednesday...



Wednesday, 3 October 2018

Urban Decay: Born to Run Palette

Hello, hope you're all having a good week it has been so long for me. If you follow me on Twitter then you may have noticed I did a poll sometime last week asking what you wanted my next post to be, and majority of the votes were to review the UD Born to Run Palette. I bought this palette a little over a month ago as the colours really drawn me in! Anyway I will get started....


If you are a compulsive palette buying especially higher end, then this price will not phase you. The palette itself is £39.50 for 21 eyeshadows, that I think personally isn't that bad. When Urban Decay usually make a palette they usually only have small pans and usually 12 shades, so for 21 eye shadows I am not complaining.


What I loved about this palette was how quirky and different the packaging is compared to their other palettes. It is a very lightweight and travel friendly.

Colours and pigmentation 

Lets talk colours! This palette has the most stunning variety of different colours with a mixture of matte shades and the most amazing shimmers! Every time I look at this palette it makes me want to get crazy experimental with colours! Below are some swatches of every colour in the palette (row by

I think out of all the swatches my favourite row is the second row as it has a lot of orange shade in that which I am absolutely living for at the moment! 

As for the pigmentation of the shades I really cannot fault them, all the swatches were done on a clean finger, no setting spray nor brush. I found some of the matte shades were a little chalky but I think if you applied them on the lid with a brush that would work in your favour! 

Favourite colour : Ignite 
Least Favourite: Still Shot 

There we have it my review on the Born To Run palette by Urban Decay, I really hope you enjoyed reading this. I 100% recommend this palette. Thank you so much for reading... See you next wednesday!



Wednesday, 26 September 2018

My Everyday Make Up Routine

Hello again, 3 weeks on the run I'm getting good at this right? Todays post is going to be my everyday make up routine, now I am someone who loves the extra 5 minutes in bed but also feel like need to be glam everyday. I work in retail and the store I work in is blooming boiling so I need make up that isn't going to run off my face. Anyway I will get started!

  1. Primer: I know some people skip the primer stage and I do sometimes, but recently I have had a lot of HUGE spots that were very hard to cover due to the broken, uneven skin so the Smashbox Photo Finish primer has been a godsend. 
  2. Foundation: If you have followed my blog for a while now then you will know that I LOVE the Maybelline 24hr Super Stay foundation I use the shade Ivory, however it does oxidise quite a bit so maybe go down a shade! The foundation is full coverage with a dewy finish and this lasts me all day long. I use a beauty blender (real techniques) to get an even coverage all over my face then I use a brush to buff in the excess product in.
  3. Contour/Bronzer- I use the Too Faced Sweetheart Bronzer for my contour, the colour is a very warm brown and really helps to give my face some shape! 
  4. Blush- I have to be in the mood for blush and recently I have been reaching for the Too Faced Sweetheart blush. 
  5. Loose Powder- I live for banana powders due to having very dark under eyes, so on a day to day basis I use the Elf yellow loose powder and this really helps to take away the harsh black under my eyes. I usually let it bake for 2/3 minutes then just brush it away with a fluffy brush.
  6.  Brows- Anastasia Brow Pomade (Taupe) 
  7. Mascara- Better than sex by Too Faced, honestly this mascara will change your life. 
  8. Lipsticks- I have been lovely liquid lipsticks recently and have been reaching for my NARS liquid lip in the colour Le Freak.
  9. Gloss-Some day I rather just wear a gloss and when I do i just wear the Too Faced Lip Injection! 
  10. Powder- Not in the picture above sorry, however when I use powder I use the Laura Geller powder foundation in the colour light! It is amazing and helps add coverage on top of your foundation. 
  11. Setting spray- I always switch up my setting sprays as I have some at home and some in the boyfs, usually its the Tarte Setting spray or the Gerrard Cosmetics in mango! 
There we have it my Daily make up routine, I hope you enjoyed reading this. Let me know in the comments below what you use everyday without fail! Thank you so much for reading! 



Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Primark, H&M and ZARA Haul! (Try on Haul)

Hello and happy Wednesday I hope you're having a good week so far! Seeming as Wednesday is a hump day, I thought I would go on a little A/W shopping spree and treat myself to a few bits and bobs. I was shook with how much winter stock is out all ready and it is getting me soooo excited for Christmas! Anyway I will get started, I did a poll on twitter and you all preferred try on hauls so here one is. Please excuse the no make up face.
Jumper: Missguided grey brushed off the shoulder knitted jumper £18

Pinafore: Primark £12 

Black Trousers: Primark £5 (The best fitting formal trousers ever)

Jumper: Missguided grey v neck cable knitted cropped jumper£22

Jumper: H&M £19.99

Coat: Zara £29.99

There we have it, never done a try on haul before so I hope you enjoyed it. I am updating my room in the next couple of weeks so I will probably do a post all about that! Thank you for reading, let me know your favourite stores for A/W wear as I need to really update my wardrobe this year!



Sunday, 16 September 2018

30 Things Before 30

Ok so after turning 21 in may, it has made me realise I am growing up really quickly and I don't know where time has gone! I was sat thinking about all the things I have always wanted to do both growing up as a kid and also now, I have thrown them into a list and thought I would share them with you! I have FOMO (fear of missing out) and it scares me not doing everything I possibly can in my life..

  1. Visit New York ✅
  2. Learn to Drive
  3. Move out
  4. Own my own home
  5. Buy a car
  6. Have children?
  7. Get a different job
  8. Travel to Ireland
  9. Visit Italy  
  10. Have a successful blog
  11. See Wicked live
  12. Visit Canada
  13. Go on an upside down rollercoaster
  14. Learn to swim 
  15.  Read more
  16. Have a healthy diet
  17. Get into a good gym routine
  18. Do 1 year without chocolate
  19. Be more independent
  20. Experiment with fashion more
  21. Be acne free
  22. Visit Bighton
  23. Feed a Giraffe 
  24. Swim with dolphins
  25. Fly 1st class
  26. Meet thumper (in disney)
  27. Cut my hair shorter
  28. Sky Dive 
  29. Visit Disney World✅
  30. Visit Australia 
As you can see I have 28 left to complete, with 9 years to do them all! Obviously some may not happen. However I love making lists, and having something to strive towards! Thank you for reading leave me a comment with some things you really want to day before you're 30! 



Wednesday, 12 September 2018

Whats In My Travel Make Up Bag?

Hello again, I hope you're having a good week so far. I have been traveling quite a lot this past year both long haul and short haul, and I feel like I have nailed the "travel make up bag" down to a T. So I thought that I would share with you today what I carry with me when I am going away...

  • Make Up Bag- I have found there is no point getting a huge make up bag as you will carry way more than needed but also don't cram everything into a small bag. I have been using a very boing cream Dove one that I had in a gift set for Christmas but it is big enough for everything. 
  • Maybelline 24hr Super Stay Foundation- For me I prefer a full coverage as I rather be able to cover up my blemishes if they appear from no where while traveling, this foundation is perfect as its that full coverage I don't need a concealer with it! 
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour kit (cream)- This is a life saver as it has a mixture of yellow, lights and darks so I can use them on discolouration, to cover blemishes and also to contour my face, also it is very travel friendly. 
  • Loose Powder Elf Yellow- Recently I have discovered "baking" and am loving doing this on my under eyes as I have more bags than chanel under there! The Elf Yellow one helps to cancel out all the darkness under my eyes, which really brightens my skin! 
  • Pressed Powder Laura Geller- I have spoke about this so much on my blog, it is absolutely amazing, gives a really good coverage and makes your skin looks so smooth and even! 
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade
  • Mascara, Better than Sex Too Faced 
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern renaissance palette- If you haven't tried this palette then you are missing out! You can do so many looks with this palette!  
There we go that is all I really carry with me when I am traveling about, let me know your must haves when you travel in the comment section below. Thank you for reading!



Friday, 7 September 2018

August Favourites

Hello! Whats that I have been consistent for over a week someone give me a medal please, if you are a blogger and also work full time please give me some tips as its so difficult! However todays post is going to be my august favourites, I haven't done a favourites blog post since April so you can gather I have a lot of things to share!

First of my favourites this month is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette, I know I am about 12 months late to this hype but now I get it. I will admit I cringed paying £42 for a palette with like 15 shades in, but I can honestly say these are the best eye shadows I have every used (and I have bought a hell of a lot of palettes). I have clung to the orange/browns and highlight colours on the left side of the palette, they work perfectly for everyday looks however I can turn them looks into full glam looks! That moves me onto another one of my favourites this month also by Anastasia Beverly hills, it is the cream contour kit. This is another golden oldie for them. It is the best for achieving a full glam sharp contour and I really recommend this product I either use a fluffy angled brush or beauty blender to blend in the contour!

Now for a hair care favourite, I have very long hair that I have a love hate relationship with as it takes so long to dry, gets very oily and is a cow to brush through without ripping half my scalp out. When L'oreal brought out their Dream Lengths range I was intrigued, and I have not looked back it has changed my hair game completely. I no longer have to deal with notty hair, it is always soft and shiny and styles so well. So if you have long or even thick hair then try this shampoo and conditioner out, it obviously wont agree with everyone but its worth a go!

I am a fragrance hoarder, you name it I have probably owned it or smelt it before, my new favourite is the Jimmy Choo Fever, now I don't actually own this one I just spray it in work every single day (perks of working in retail). I am terrible at explaining scents all I can say its very warm,  blackcurranty and Christmassy.

I will admit when liquid lipsticks came around I avoided them at all cost as I hate matte lipsticks, however I work with the company Love Me Beauty now and then on Instagram posts and they kindly sent me their liquid lipsticks and I am 100% converted they are amazing, they don't dry out your lips like I thought and are actually very wet on the lips rather than dry! I have a promo code too which is 'MELISSAJ05' which gives you a free £5 voucher there no min spend either, so you could practically get some free make up!

My skin is my biggest project atm, especially since joining the blogging community I feel like I am trying out tons more products so I can review them. I have been loving the L'oreal Hydra Genius, I have been in the skin a lot lately and it has been so hot in the UK, I have found it to really cool down my skin at the end of the day and calm my sun burnt skin! It is almost like a watery jelly substance like after sun!

If you have read my other favourite blog posts then you know I like to give some other favourites other than beauty/make up so here are some of my misc favourites...

  • Nutella on toast
  • Chocolate pretzels
  • Shane Dawson - Youtuber
  • James Charles - Youtuber
  • Bloglovin
  • Kissing Booth - Netflix Film
There we go so those are my August Favourites let me know in the comments your favourites for this month and what you have got up to! Thank you so much for reading... 



Tuesday, 4 September 2018

Los Angelas (Travel Blog, Top Tips and Regrets!)

Hello!! If you have been following my travel diary then you will know that I have been away recently to America if not surprise!! If you want to read the other two diary then click here for the San Francisco blog or here for the Vegas blog..

Where did we stay?

We stayed at the Quality Inn in Hollywood. I will admit when we booked this "motel" I was so worried, a motel in the centre of Hollywood that is very much open to everyone (not making any assumptions but I have watched some films in my time). However upon arrival I was stunned that all the pictures that used matched what I could see, the room was lovely and spacious, clean and had a comfy bed! They also had a pool too which was pretty small but never too busy and always kept clean with clean towels! They also offer complimentary breakfast which we were either up too early for or too late!

Favourite Trips, Excursions and Places?

The Hollywood sign- I am one of them people that is all about the views so the thought of having a view of the whole of Hollywood made me so excited. I can confirm it is everything that you imagine and more. Us being us however made up our own route and ending up climbing over dirt tracks, rocks and bushes to get to main road.... I was so mad, don't trust a mans directions ever girls. After about 10 arguments and me almost crying like Kim K and 2 hours later we got to the top here is the view!

Disney Land- Kinda. I absolutely love Disney so I am not going to not mention it and I really did enjoy myself and I think the food and atmosphere always adds to the experience too! However it is no Disney Land Paris or Disney World FL. The only thing I will give them points for is Cars Land, the theming there was absolutely fantastic. If you are a die hard Disney Fan then 100% go, however if you are just going for the sake of it I would maybe try another theme park.

Venice Beach- You're probably thinking it's just a beach wrong! There is so much character there, its so lively and always things going on. There loads of spots getting played, loads of places to eat and drink lastly it is very clean! 


  • Not doing the Universal backstage tour
  • Not doing the TMZ celebrity house tour
  • Only Spending 2 hours on the beach 
  • Booking very little before arriving 
There we go, I really hope that you have enjoyed reading my holiday posts, it has 100% been the best holiday I have every been on and I recommend the places I visited! Thank you so much for reading, leave me some comments of where I should travel next.



Thursday, 30 August 2018

Las Vegas!! (Travel blog, top tips and regrets)

Hello again, hopefully you enjoyed last weeks post which was all about my travels in San Francisco. The next place I visited was Las Vegas, I am going to set out the post in the same way as the last, so I will get started! If you haven't read last weeks blog post then click here to read..

Where did we stay?

MGM The Excalibur. I'll be honest I had to idea what to expect from a vegas hotel, especially because the total of our hotel was pretty cheap. If you have been to vegas then you will know what I mean when I say all the hotels are virtually the same. They all have HUGE casinos on the ground floor and are full of places to eat, the one thing that did stick out like a sore thumb was the fact that our hotel was shaped like a castle, which made it 100% more interesting! The room we had was HUGE compared to our small basic room in SF, there was nothing special about it just the fact it was very spacious, the bed was huge and so was the bathroom! The vegas strip was basically across the road from our hotel which was so helpful and there was a FREE tram that when to Mandalay Bay hotel and there was a bridge over to new york new york, so when we got bored of our hotel we could just hotel hop. The pool was lovely despite only going once due to having a ginger boyfriend (lol), there was an adult pool and a normal pool!

Favourite Trips and Excursions 

Grand Canyon Helicopter tour- This was probably the most money I spent on the whole USA trip, £300+ and I was so nervous about spending the money and it not being worth the money. However hands down it was the best part of the holiday without a doubt. You get picked up from your chosen location (our hotel) in a limo, then they take you to a mini airport and you get a safety brief and meet your pilot then you are in the air for 45 minutes. They then land the helicopter in a designated spot in the grand canyon and you get 30 minutes there and have a picnic and champagne, then you fly back to the airport and they then drive you back to your hotel in a limo!   

T-mobile Arena Tour- I was so not sure about doing this, all the tours we have done have always been of sports grounds, so I did not know what to expect. However it was really interesting, we were the very first group to ever have a public tour around there which was really cool!

The Mirage, Dolphin and Lion habitat- I absolutely love animals and the place I really wanted to visit was miles away so I settled on this place. Considering its in the gardens of a hotel in the middle of the las vegas strip it was amazing. I wish we would of booked to feed the dolphins before hand as it was so cool how they let you interact with them. 


  • Not going to the coyote ugly bar in NY NY
  • Not going to the Circus hotel and experiencing the indoor theme park
  • Getting very drunk on the very last night and being sick for two days straight 

There we go, so I hope that you enjoyed reading this post if you have any questions for me regarding vegas or san fran then leave them below and I will answer them as best as possible. If you go onto my instagram (link in the sidebar) then watch my insta stories as I documented each day while I was there.. Thank you for reading


mel x